Glendon AKC Pomeranians - I am a breeder of Pomeranian puppies, got scammed 2x yesterday!!

Bruceton Mills, West Virginia 1 comment

I will show 2 fraudulent instances in last day!!!(1) Gary hooper shipping agency, can't spend time w/puppy, first of all they can't spell!!

Spelled his name wrong at least 2x They are cockroaches ! They are writing from Islam country!? Starts: interested dog!!( which does it make any sense cause I sell dogs. It buy them!!

I advertise on e-bay classified pets and oodle, neither ones have done anything in the past about this!!!!?(2) fraudulent email :rsmith: email: (love all (get it?) they think Americans are *** !!!! They wanted me to pay 160$ for shipping!! They stole Pomeranian pictures from my breeder friend to show the dogs I could buy!! Telling about the (fake) family and giving pictures and names of puppies(could not spell) and listed male names for female named dogs!!

I hope you will find these creeps and let the FBI handle them, they also put a virus on my I-Phone!!? Please let everyone know about this Oodle does not do anything!!(no phone # but boast about fraud on any e-mail u recieve about someone interested in your puppies(real people)no phone number to call!!!

Please call me at (681)285-8538.Or email: thank You for listening, mariann Glendon PISSED!!!

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Grover Beach, California, United States #707062

I have received the same exact email with the same exact wording about my Boxer puppies. I knew it was a scam by the sound of it. What do they want?

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